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I write the Sarah Woolson historical mystery series set in 1880s San Francisco. My heroine, if she were real, would have been only the third female attorney in the state of California, and as you can imagine she’s up against a world of prejudice from the all-male legal establishment! Intelligent, feisty, and determined to fight for her clients, Sarah resolutely faces off against her critics, and anyone else claiming that a woman’s proper – and onlyplace is in the home!


What People Are Saying About The Exciting Sarah Woolson Historical Mystery Series

Publishers Weekly

“In Tallman’s top-drawer mysteries set in late 19th-century San Francisco, attorney Sarah Woolson takes on cases that draw a torrent of protests from the all-male legal establishment. Credible characters, cleverly subtle clues and highly satisfying conclusions mark this series as a superior example of its subgenre. …Fans of Anne Perry will be well satisfied.”


“Lively details of a lively time and place spice up a feisty heroin’s struggles against sexism. Tallman’s intelligent heroine is a delight.”

Library Journal

“Period details, personages, events, and surroundings spring to life in this series featuring a feisty and determined heroine. Strongly recommended.”

Historical Novel Society

“Sarah Woolson is a wonderful character – feisty, intelligent, and determined to get ahead in a profession that was practically closed to women at that time. An excellent series.”

Blue Ribbon

“Intelligent, intriguing, imaginative… The Sarah Woolson mysteries are empowering whodunits that will keep you “on the edge of your seat” guessing until the very end. Shirley Tallman is an exceptional storyteller with an inspiring flare for mystery and suspense. A “Can’t Miss.”

Author’s Choice

“The mysteries are well-plotted and engaging, and the believable characters are very much a part of the world in which they live. The author has certainly done her homework bringing nineteenth-century San Francisco to life. A very enjoyable read.”