About Shirley

Even as a small child Shirley dreamed of becoming a writer. After college she came down with a severe case of “see-the-world-itis”, and became a flight attendant for an International Airline flying to Asia and the South Pacific. Never one to waste a great opportunity, she used her travels to fill notebooks with ideas, storylines and snapshots, which went on to form the background for future novels.

Juggling marriage, children, teaching guitar – as well as playing and singing in a rock group – Shirley wrote a syndicated newspaper column while working up the courage to tackle that first novel. To her surprise, when she finally did write it, it actually sold! To date she’s written sixteen books, including ten contemporary Harlequin/Silhouette romances published under the pseudonym Erin Ross. During her “romance years”, she won several awards, placed #5 on Waldenbooks’
national bestseller list, and was nominated as “Best Desire of the Year” by Romantic Times!

Shirley’s Movies

Together with her screenwriting partner, Nancy Hersage, Shirley has written and sold television scripts to NBC, CBS and ABC. Their movie, “THE BABYSITTER’S SEDUCTION”, starring Keri Russell, Stephen Collins and Phylicia Rashad, originally aired on NBC, is available on DVD, and continues to play regularly on the Lifetime Channel.

Currently, Shirley writes the Sarah Woolson historical mystery series for St. Martin’s Press. In the first book in the series, our feisty heroine finagles her way into the most prestigious all-male law firm in San Francisco, almost immediately acquiring her first client, a beautiful society matron accused of murdering her abusive and philandering husband. Since Sarah is the only one who believes the young woman did not commit the crime, she must take on a testosterone-driven
establishment in order to prove her client’s innocence.

Novels in the Sarah Woolson series include:

  • Murder On Nob Hill
  • The Russian Hill Murders
  • The Cliff House Strangler
  • Scandal On Rincon Hill
  • Death On Telegraph Hill

Until her writing career started taking up all of her time, Shirley volunteered at an abused women’s Center answering the emergency hotline phones. It was there that she learned first-hand that domestic violence is every bit as serious a problem today as it was in the 1880s. According to Shirley, “Somethings just don’t seem to change, no matter how many years pass.”

Shirley and her husband Bob divide their time between Eugene, Oregon and Incline Village, Nevada.

Shirley loves to hear from readers and personally answers all e-mails.