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Together with her screenwriting partner, Nancy Hersage, Shirley has written and sold television scripts to NBC, CBS and ABC. Their movie, "THE BABYSITTER'S SEDUCTION," starring Keri Russell, Stephen Collins and Phylicia Rashad, originally aired on NBC, is available in DVD and VHS format, and continues to play regularly on the Lifetime Channel. Their current project, "THE WAR MAGICIAN" was recently bought for Tom Cruise by Paramount Studios, and their story, "LILI" is being produced for the Canadian Broadcast Corporation.


Written by Shirley Tallman and Nancy Hersage
Starring Keri Russell, Stephen Collins, Phylicia Rashad, Tobin Bell, Linda Kelsey
Directed by David Burton Morris
Produced by Gideon Amir
Time: 1 hour, 31 minutes
MPAA rating: Not rated

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Before she was FELICITY, Keri Russell starred in this film as a rather slutty young nanny who dreams of a nice house in the suburbs and a wealthy and good looking husband. After the mysterious murder of her employer's wife, she finds herself being romanced by him. She's quite flattered until she begins to realize that she has become a suspect in the death of his wife.


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